Main Service Center:
48,000 Sq. Ft., 40' High Bay

Crane Capacity:
30 Ton Capacity, 21' Under Hook

Curing Oven:
Time & Temperature Controlled Oven
14' x 12' x 15'

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Vessel:
70" x 120"
Epoxilite E 478 LV Resin.
Thermal Rating to 180C, 356F

Varnish Treatment:
Full Immersion Dip Tank
72" Diameter x 96" Depth
Sterling Y-210
Thermal rating to 240C, 464F

Full Service Machine Shop:
Vertical Mill: 42" Diameter, 40" Height
Large Lathe: 66" Swing, 240" Length

We Also Have Dedicated Work Areas For:
Climate Controlled Equipment Storage
Motor Winding
Final assembly & Testing
Dynamic Balancing
Steam Cleaning
Paint Boothing
Media Blasting
Switchgear Testing